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AAAD APK is an excellent tool for all car owners using multimedia systems with built-in Android Auto. This application is practically useless for ordinary Android phones and tablets, but it is excellent in the case of automotive software. It is because, in cars, it is often impossible to install the same programs as on Android phones.

If you already have Android Auto, you will know that this tool is excellent for controlling your smartphone while driving. However, you cannot install APK on android auto. In this case, you will need Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD). This app will allow you to install Android APKs on Android Auto.

What is AAAD APK?

Through the AAAD app, you can download all programs for the Android Auto operating system. For now, it is possible to install only approved apps from Google for use in this environment. But if you do not have enough features, then this application is perfect for you!

Since AAAD APK is an open-source program, you will have no problems adjusting and can easily download all applications developed for this operating system. You will find unique navigation systems with different qualities and designs. Also, there are many multimedia players for playing media files and many other programs.

After installing this application, you can immediately educate yourself with the entire list of available utilities and start downloading the software you need. But it is worth noting that some downloaded applications may not be compatible with your car system, but this happens rarely. The list has a considerable number of applications where you are sure to find what you need!

AAAD is a download manager designed to help Android Auto users install non-official apps. You will find many applications like multimedia players, phone screen mirroring applications, navigation applications, and many others. AAAD is a kind of environment where you can download and run Android Auto apps.

Learn more about the AAAD APK

Car lovers whose vehicles come with an Android Auto have probably paid attention more than once to the small range of available applications. The inability to download the necessary programs often becomes a serious problem. This App got your back. This utility works as a download manager and allows you to install downloaded apps without user intervention.

Here in AAAD, you will see a convenient list of available applications divided into classes. By long tapping on the app, you can get its detailed description.

It has some limitations, even though it is free to download and use. For example, you can only install one application per month. To remove this limitation, upgrade to a premium version of AAAD.

Main features of AAAD APK

Here is the list of the features of the AAAD app.

  • Find and download APK apps on your phone.
  • Make Android Auto compatible with APKs.
  • Update of APKs downloaded with AAAD Android. It is a manual process. The only thing you will need to do is log into the app and see if there are any updates available for the apps you have already downloaded
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • A large number of additional programs
  • Easy installation process
  • Displaying the phone image on the car display
  • A vast selection of applications
  • It loads fast without ads
  • Convenient sorting of programs into categories
  • Detailed description by long pressing on the program
  • No root required
  • Independently downloads and installs the selected programs.

How to Download and Install AAAD APK Android?

First, download AAAD Android from this page. Since it is an APK file, you will need to activate the option that allows you to install unknown apps on your device. If it is not already active, you can enable it by going to Settings, Apps, and notifications, then Special access for apps, and finally, Install unknown apps. Now open AAAD Android and download all the apps that interest you, including the APK version of Android Auto.

Operating systemAndroid 5 and up
DeveloperGabriele Rizzo
Latest UpdateJul 15, 2022
Size7.9 MB
Download LinkDownload AAAD APK

You can also check its source code on Github.

Is AAAD APK free?

AAAD Android offers a free version with a download limit. You can also get the Premium version for unlimited downloads, priced at € 3.50 per month.

Is it Safe?

AAAD Android is a safe app. However, the creators of this app are not responsible for any error that you may have with Android Auto and open APKs. AAAD Android serves to start Android Auto-compatible apps. If Google makes changes that affect the sync of these apps, errors may occur in some cases.

So this is the review of AAAD APK. I hope you like it.

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