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This post gives a review of the EonHub app that you can download for iOS. It is an excellent App Store you can use on your iOS device. Here we will show you how to download EonHub for free.

Several mod games and apps are available on the internet for iOS devices that users cannot access from the official app store. To enjoy such apps on your device, you need to have a third-party app store for iOS installed on your device. If you are looking for such unofficial app stores, EonHub might be the right option.

What is EonHub App?

The EonHub app is an unofficial app store for iOS devices that allows you to install tweaked apps and games. It has several iOS apps and games you would love to browse and play. You can use EonHub without jailbreaking your phone. EonHub is completely free and easy to install and use.

EonHub has some excellent features and advantages, including:

  • Download and use EonHub for free; you do not have to pay anything to use EonHub.
  • Install and enjoy paid apps for free.
  • It has an easy user interface, improving its comfort of use.
  • EonHub developers provide more apps of their own, ensuring a wide range of apps to users.
  • A well-categorized list of apps, making it easy to navigate. The apps on EonHub are categorized into hacked games and diversions, tweaked or changed apps, EonHub apps, flash apps, and applications from other app stores.
  • You will also get regular updates to ensure everything is secure and current.
  • EonHub will work without the need for jailbreaking your iOS.

Is EonHub Download Safe?

In this world, Everyone is concerned about the security of their iOS device. You do not need an app that might compromise the device’s security. Due to this reason, app providers like Apple limit their users to platform-specific apps through their stores.

Eonhub is a safe way of getting applications for your iOS device. You can safely install EonHub and access premium apps for free. EonHub developers prioritize safety, making the platform secure. Updates also ensure that EonHub remains free of bugs.

Some third-party apps interrupt the functionality of your device. EonHub does not affect other apps on your phone or device, despite being an unofficial app store. So, is it safe? EonHub is 100% safe to use. You can download it on any platform and enjoy the experience of additional free apps.

Who Should Download EonHub?

The five varieties of EonHub apps make it popular. As mentioned before, EonHub has features to adjust. Anyone can download and use EonHub.

Are you seeking a place for free games and over 2000 well-categorized and tweaked apps? EonHub is the best for you. You might find some companies with regulations that block their employees from using third-party app stores. An employee of Apple might not have the liberty of downloading EonHub.

How to Download and use EonHub:

Here is the procedure to install EonHub:

  • Here is the procedure to install EonHub:
  • Open this link with your safari browser.
  • Click on the blue download button. The App Store page will open.
  • Add that App Store page to the home screen.

Here is the procedure for how to use EonHub:

  • Open the EonHub page you added on the home screen by clicking it.
  • Choose the Categories you would like to enter in.
  • Look for an app or game, or use the search bar if you want something specific.
  • Tap your app or game and then tap Get.
  • That’s it.

How to uninstall EonHub:

To uninstall EonHub, Open the safari browser and remove it from the home screen. The game and apps you downloaded from the store will require manual removal.

How to remove EonHub downloaded games and apps:

  • Hold the app icon you want to remove until it starts showing some options.
  • Click on remove app.
  • That’s it.

Cons of using the EonHub App for iOS

There is nothing perfect in this world. If the app store has several advantages, it has some disadvantages too. You will see some advertisements that might annoy you.

Through advertisement, EonHub developers make some income. Some complained about EonHub not installing on their devices. It is an issue with the user. Users forget to “Trust” the app from the settings during installation.


Such app stores help users to access apps and mod games that are difficult to get from the official iOS. These app stores save you the cost of buying apps from the official app store.

Security and safety are concerns when using such app installers. Every time the app asks for permission to install. It happens with all unofficial apps. EonHub developers know these concerns and have made them safe for you.

I hope you enjoyed the article. What are your thoughts about EonHub? Let us know in the comment section.

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