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tallest person in the world

In the vast expanse of human diversity, a select few individuals have defied the boundaries of height, towering above the rest with their extraordinary stature. These remarkable individuals, known as the “Tallest Person in the World or Tallest People in the World,” have captivated our imagination and sparked curiosity throughout history. From ancient times to the present day, tales of their colossal frames and towering presence have echoed across cultures and generations. As we delve into the realm of these extraordinary giants, we discover a fascinating array of individuals who have reached astonishing heights, both figuratively and literally. Join us on a journey through the annals of history as we unveil the stories of the top 10 Tallest person in the World, where their remarkable dimensions challenge our perception of what it means to stand tall among humanity.

What causes a person to become exceptionally tall?

There are various factors that can contribute to a person becoming exceptionally tall. Genetics play a significant role, as height is influenced by the combination of genes inherited from both parents. If a person has tall parents or other close relatives, they are more likely to be tall themselves. Additionally, hormonal factors can also influence height. The growth hormone, made by the pituitary gland, is vital in deciding how tall a person can grow. If there is an excess of growth hormone during childhood and adolescence, it can lead to exceptional height. Certain medical conditions, such as gigantism or Marfan syndrome, can also cause abnormal growth and result in exceptional height. However, It needs to highlight that remarkable height is uncommon, and the majority of people’s height falls within the typical range established by heredity and environmental variables.

10 Tallest person in the world

1. Robert Wadlow

Height: 8 ft 11.1 in (2.72 m)

Weight: 490 lb (220 kg

Age: Born on February 22, 1918; passed away on July 15, 1940, at the age of 22

Robert Wadlow, also known as Alton Giant, was recognized as the tallest man in the world. His extreme height of 8 ft 11.1 in (2.72 m) and weight of 490 lb (220 kg) were achieved when he was 22 years old.

His extraordinary height and continued growth were the result of hyperplasia of his pituitary gland, which led to abnormally high levels of human growth hormone.

Wadlow faced several ailments in his life due to his unique condition. His brittle bones made it difficult for him to move around his college campus, and he eventually had to wear leg braces. He also experienced minimal sensation in his feet.

Unfortunately, despite undergoing emergency surgery and blood transfusions, Wadlow passed away in his sleep on July 15, 1940, at the age of 22. His funeral was attended by over 30,000 people, and twelve pallbearers were needed to carry his massive body.

2. John Rogan

Height: 8 ft 6 in

Age: Born on February 16, 1868; passed away in 1905

John Rogan was born into a family of slaves in Hendersonville on February 16, 1868. When he was 13 years old, his hormones began to rapidly increase, leading to a condition called ankylosis. This disease caused him to lose the ability to stand or walk properly.

By the year 1882, John Rogan was unable to stand or walk correctly due to his condition. As time went on, his height was measured and recorded to be 8 ft 6 in by 1899. He gained recognition as one of the top 10 tallest men in the world.

Because of his disability, Rogan faced difficulties in finding work. However, he managed to earn a living by selling pictures and postcards of himself at the local train station.

In 1905, John Rogan passed away due to complications related to his disease. To prevent curious scientists from disturbing his resting place, his body was buried under a layer of concrete.

3. Väinö Myllyrinne

Height: 8 ft 3 in

Weight: 376 pounds

Age: Born on February 27, 1909; passed away in 1963

Väinö Myllyrinne was born on February 27, 1909. At one point, he held the title of the world’s tallest living man. He had the potential to become the tallest person after Robert Wadlow’s death. His height gained significant attention in his thirties, and it was recorded as 8 ft 3 in, with a weight of 376 pounds.

Myllyrinne is renowned as the tallest man and soldier in the world. He served in the Finnish Defence Forces and underwent conscript training in 1929 with the Viipuri Heavy Artillery Regiment, standing at a towering height of 220 cm (7 ft 3 in) and possessing remarkable strength.

During the 1930s, Myllyrinne ventured to Europe as a professional wrestler and circus performer. He later returned to Finland in 1939 to serve in the Finnish Army during the Winter War. In 1946, he settled in Järvenpää, where he ran a chicken farm.

Väinö Myllyrinne passed away in 1963 and was laid to rest in Järvenpää.

4. Edouard Beaupré

Height: 8 ft 3 in

Age: Born on January 9, 1881 (no information provided on his passing)

Edouard Beaupré, known as a strong man and a lover of the circus, was recognized as one of the tallest men in the world during his lifetime

He was born on January 9, 1881. When he entered school at the age of 7 he was considered a typical child. By the time he was nine years old, his height had risen to an astounding 6 ft 1 in.

Due to his exceptional growth, Edouard eventually stopped going to school. Despite his young age, he displayed remarkable intelligence and fluency in multiple languages, including French, English, Méchif, Cree, and Sioux. He was also skilled in horse riding. However, as his height continued to increase, he had to abandon his chosen trade or occupation.

5. John F. Carroll

Height: 8 ft

John F. Carroll was one of the seventeen known individuals with a remarkable height of 8 ft. He faced significant health challenges, including a severe 2-dimensional spinal curvature and acromegalic gigantism. In medical journals, he was referred to as the Buffalo Giant and considered the tallest man in history.

Among the tallest individuals ever recorded, John ranked third in stature, following Robert Wadlow and John Rogan. His exceptional growth began at the age of sixteen and continued until his passing, despite undergoing extensive treatments at Mercy Hospital. At one point, he even experienced a remarkable eight-inch increase in height within a year.

After his death, John F. Carroll was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery located in Lackawanna, New York.

6. Bernard Coyne

Height: 8 feet (one of 17 individuals with this height)

Age: Born on July 27 (no specific year mentioned); passed away in 1921

Bernard Coyne, born on July 27, was one of the 17 individuals in medical history reported to have a height of 8 feet. The Guinness Book of World Records noted that he was denied induction into the Army in 1918 when he stood at a height of 7 feet 9 inches.

Coyne, who suffered from infantile giant syndrome (also known as Daddy-Long-Legs Syndrome), held the title of the tallest man in the world. Similar to Robert Wadlow, he continued to grow at the time of his death. According to Wikipedia, he required size 24 (American) shoes due to his immense height.

Tragically, Bernard Coyne passed away in 1921 due to complications from hardening of the liver and a glandular disorder.

7. Sultan Kösen

Height: 8 ft 3

Sultan Kösen, a Turkish farmer of Kurdish origin, is widely known as the tallest living man in the world. His extreme height is attributed to a tumor affecting his pituitary gland, which led to excessive growth. When he walks, Sultan Kösen requires the support of crutches.

Within his family, Sultan Kösen is the only individual with such exceptional height, as everyone else has a normal or typical height. His towering stature posed challenges to his education, ultimately leading him to leave formal schooling and take on part-time work as a farmer.

According to information from Wikipedia, Sultan Kösen underwent Gamma Knife treatment in 2010 for his pituitary tumor at the University of Virginia Medical School. Additionally, he received medication to regulate his excessive levels of growth hormone. Although it takes up to two years to observe the full effect of the treatment, as of 2011, his hormone levels were reported to be nearly normal. The effectiveness of the treatment in halting Sultan Kösen’s growth was confirmed in March 2012.

8. Vikas Uppal

Height: 8 ft 3 in

Vikas Uppal, born on January 1 in India, was a resident of Haryana, a state in India. He was widely regarded as the tallest man in India until his passing on June 30, 2007. Vikas reportedly died in Delhi during a brain tumor operation.

Although Vikas had the potential to be considered the tallest living man in the world, the Guinness Book of Records has strict verification criteria and did not officially measure him. It is worth noting that he was reported to have hands measuring 13 inches long and feet measuring 19 inches long. Additionally, Vikas Uppal had a brief stint in acting and appeared in a movie.

9. Donald A. Koehler

Height: Reached 8 ft 2 in (249 cm)

Age: Born on September 1, 1925

Donald A. Koehler, born on September 1, 1925, holds a place among the known 17 tallest men in the world, with a height that reached 8 feet 2 inches. This remarkable height was a result of a medical condition known as Acromegalic gigantism.

Koehler was born in Denton, Montana, United States. Both he and his twin sister were born to parents who were above-average in height. His mother stood at 178 cm (5’10”) tall, while his father measured 188 cm (6’2″).

At the age of 10, Koehler began experiencing abnormal changes in his hormone levels. The Guinness Book of World Records officially confirmed his standing height at the peak of 249 cm (8’2″).

10. Brahim Takioullah

Height: 8 ft 1 in

Age: Born on January 26, 1982

Brahim Takioullah, born on January 26, 1982, in Morocco, holds the title of the second tallest living man in the world. His remarkable height has earned him a place in the Guinness World Records, particularly due to his large feet.

During his time as a student, Takioullah’s teacher requested him to undergo a blood test to investigate any unusual or extreme height-related conditions. After obtaining his University Degree in Geography, he was taken to Paris by a French doctor in 2006 for examination and treatment of his hormonal abnormality.

In Paris, his treatment was conducted, and the doctor successfully brought his growth hormone levels back to normal. Additionally, Takioullah’s heart was reported to be in a normal and good condition.


As we come to the end of our research of the top 10 tallest person in the world, we are struck by their remarkable stature and the influence they have had on our collective awareness. These amazing individuals have made an everlasting impression on history, from their soaring heights to the obstacles they encountered. Their stories demonstrate the human spirit’s tenacity and the infinite variety of the human experience. We are reminded that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes as we wonder at their incredible proportions, encouraging us to strive for greater heights in our own lives.

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